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Frantic Thursday!

Today, we started the day by learning 5 more key words. This time we went outside to use different materials…

image image


Continuing with our Olympic themed week, we all designed new medals and mascots for Rio 2016…

image image image image

As well as this we had our final attempt at the Rainbow Awards. Well done to these children for successfully completing some more awards 👍


This afternoon we took part in some more sport – this time house rounders! Everyone played well with some children showing superb batting and impressive fielding skills. The overall house rounders result will be announced in School Meeting tomorrow (2.30pm) as part of the Woodborough Olympics Closing Ceremony.


Getting creative with the Olympics!

Today we have enjoyed finishing off our vibrant Rio Carnival masks! We will be parading around in these tomorrow for the Opening Ceremony of Sports Day.

image image image

Following this we researched Brazil and Rio with a partner using the iPads and atlases. We discovered the capital of Brazil, the currency, the language they speak and which countries surround Brazil. All of this information was then added to fact files in our Olympic folders for the week.

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Awesome Olympics!

This week we are learning all about the Olympics! We started by making front covers for an Olympic booklet and coloured them in. Next we did some Olympic maths! We had to find number pairs to 10,20 and 100 to make the medals add up. This afternoon we made Rio Carnival masks and decorated them with feathers, foil and tissue paper. We are going to add glitter tomorrow! We are going to wear these beautiful masks on Wednesday for the opening ceremony of sports day. Our Olympic torches have been judged and Mrs Brewis was very impressed and found it very hard to decide. We will find out the results later in the week but all torches will be used on sports day!

image image image image image image image image

Finally, we visited the art gallery just for 15 minutes. We went with a partner from year 6 and thought the artwork was excellent!

image image image image



Another busy day!

In phonics we focused on learning how to spell 5 more key words. We worked in pairs and had to write them out imaginatively. Can you spot what the 5 words were?

image image image image image

After this we had PE. We were very luck to have some tennis coaches from Pewsey Tennis Club teCh us today. We learnt lots of new skills and know the ready position, forehand and backhand. Here we are in action…

image image image image image image image

This afternoon we observed how our runner beans had started growing. In groups we have put our beans in different conditions. We weren’t surprised that the bean with no water hadn’t started to grow but were surprised the bean with no air had started to grow. We think this is because the seed needs a warm, dark place to start germinating.

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