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Football, measures and fashion designers !

The children enjoyed showing off their football skills in last Friday’s PE lesson- Thomas won the ‘keepie- uppie’ competition!

image image image image

Well done too, to all those who received book award certificates, ‘Big Read’ certificates from the library and Spelling Bee medals- I’m not sure where you’ve found the time!

image image image

In Maths we have been busy measuring in decimetres … Here’s some of us in action:

image image image image

We’re busy designing our new pupils for the Harvest and Welcome service on Friday – looking forward to seeing you all there.

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Week 3… Friday already?

Another busy week in Maple Class. For their computing unit this week they will be looking at Turtle, and will be controlling its movements by giving it a set of instructions. The children worked in pairs to give each other instructions to get them to different places on the front playground- the listening part  posed difficult for some ! 😀

image imageimageimage

We have loved making our buildings for our Isle of Struay display and wowed Mrs Taylor and Mrs Needham with our teamwork.

image image image image image image image

In maths we have tried to get our heads round money and making amounts with as many and as few coins as possible and then moved onto telling the time. We are just looking at o’clock, quarter past, half past and quarter to. This is something they can practise at home 😉.


In English the class have been working on their Talk for Writing reading for school meeting this afternoon.

Happy Birthday Roald Dahl

On Tuesday to celebrate what would have been Roald Dahl’s 100th birthday , each class took one of his books and spent some time doing activities linked to the book.

In Maple Class we looked at the character of Mr Twit and the types of things he might get caught in his beard.

image image image

We then came up with adjectives to describe the food.

Next we looked at Mrs Twit and how she wasn’t very good at being nice to others. We discussed what it meant to pay a compliment and then everyone in the class thought about kind things to say about their peers, which we shared.


At the end of the day we shared our work with the whole school.

image image image image

Woodland Wednesday

Today was the day! Sycamore and Maple class had their first adventure to the woodlands and we are pleased to report that all went very well.

The children now know the route and what is expected from them when we travel to and from the woods as well as whilst we are amongst the trees exploring.

We were very thankful to our volunteers today giving us a hand with finding fitting Wellies, high vis jackets and generally keeping an eye on their allocated groups during our expedition.

We have already found some treasure amongst the shrubs including hazelnuts, acorns, sticks and stones of various sizes, an egg shell from some small bird and plenty of beautiful leaves of all different shapes. We will look into identifying those over the next few weeks.

Our weather station is still in the making but we would like to report that today we measured 25 degrees Celsius in the woods!DSCF0054 DSCF0053 DSCF0052 DSCF0050 DSCF0047