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Food Waste and Litter Picking.. another action packed Global Week

Another successful Global Week where we focused on ‘Food Waste’.

The children began the week researching some products that can be made using apples.. before designing their own products to advertise.10-10-2016 103621    11-10-2016 100457 11-10-2016 100511

We read the book ‘George saves the world by lunchtime’ and thought about all the activities we can do around the school to really make a difference.. Picking up the litter and ensuring we used the correct bins were just some of the suggestions. We discussed other actions under the 4 Rs (repair, reduce, recycle and re use) Re using old wellies as planters is already something we are doing in school. 11-10-2016 120720  11-10-2016 120757   Using water from the water butt to water the plants instead of getting fresh water from the tap…

11-10-2016 120922

11-10-2016 115013 11-10-2016 115152 11-10-2016 115303 11-10-2016 115825


Each class also had a poster depicting one of the seven areas of change (ours being Food Waste). The children all chose some fruit to make to add to the picture.12-10-2016 09435112-10-2016 09442512-10-2016 09443512-10-2016 09443812-10-2016 10205712-10-2016 10211412-10-2016 102135

The final picture looked very effective 14-10-2016 140702

Friday arrived and Mrs Taylor braved the chopping boards with small groups to make fruit smoothies. Fruit that was home grown or was beginning to look a little less appertising was used to produce some very tasty drinks. Mrs Needham and Mrs Taylor were amazed with the brilliant chopping skills and think there are definitely some budding chefs in the making!

14-10-2016 095459 14-10-2016 095504 14-10-2016 115929 14-10-2016 115936


Lots of smoothie making pictures were seesawed home on the day , I’m sure you were all very jealous of their tasty creations.

Stop! Drop! Roll!


On Thursday 6th October we had a visit from the Fire Brigade who taught us all about fire safety. They were amazing at listening and their worried faces- wow ! They listened to the story of Francis the Firefly and discussed about the dangers of matches and lighters. They learnt what to do if their clothing catches fire ( see worried faces below) and that they must STOP, DROP and ROLL on the floor.image image image image image

Next they listened to what they should do if there was a fire at home and practised ‘crawling’ to safety.image