Monthly Archives: November 2016

Anti- Bullying Week 2016


This year the theme for anti-bullying week is entitled ‘Power for Good’. During the week the children will be discussing what ‘bullying’ and what to do if you or someone else is being bullied. This afternoon the children listened to Mrs Wright in a special assembly where they learnt about what it means to be rude, mean or bullied.


The children have all been provided with a ‘Say no to bullying’ booklet that the school council have funded. Please have a look through this with your children this week.

Team Games and PE skills

After a busy morning practising in the hall for our production, some topic work and a test on our key words we were pleased to get outside this afternoon for PE. We played some team games and then practised our throwing and catching. Throwing the beanbag and catching it consecutively 10 times was tricky- something we can perhaps practise at home!


img_05811 img_05821 img_05831