Monthly Archives: January 2017

Magical maths

This week the children have been focusing on measures and having a go at using the weights and scales. The first lesson was great fun and the children enjoyed adding more and more weights until the bucket was full and no more weights would fit ! By the second lesson the children had grasped how to balance the scales and began to weigh objects around the class.

Creating spreadsheets and New Disco moves!

For our Computing unit this term we are ‘Being Zoologists’ and looking at ways of collecting information about animals. Last week we looked at how to sort insects into a branching database and then this week we used excel to produce graphs and pie charts of information we gathered in class.


In PE we continued with dance and learnt lots of new moves – Mrs Needham was very impressed with how well we kept in time to the music!

Fab start to the new year

The children have settled back into their work quickly with renewed enthusiasm and bug free!

The children began their Topic on ‘Plants’ in their Art lesson with some super observational drawings. they watched a small clip demonstrating how to add tone to their drawings then had a go themselves.

On Wednesday they enjoyed making perfume on their Woodland visit and designed some wonderful superheroes for part of their RE unit of work.