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The beginning of Art Week

Today was the launch of Art Week and the theme this year is looking at things differently with a focus on science.  We met ‘Chemical Cress’ in assembly who showed some exciting experiments and we learnt that gas needs to expand.

After assembly, Mrs Johanson told us that we’re going to focus on space this week so we started to research lots of space related facts as well as learning a song to remember the order of the planets.  We’re very excited for the space dome tomorrow.

Then we went outside to see if we could make ‘space rockets’ using small containers, water and effervescent vitamin tablets.  We predicted that the tablet would fizz in the water, creating a gas which escape so the lid would pop off the the container.  It was great fun.



Reading Detectives 📚🔍

Today we were learning how to make inferences in guided reading.  We had some top secret objects in envelopes with clues on the front and we had to guess what was inside the envelope. After we made our predictions we all came back together to open the to see if we were correct.

In topic we had to lots of different animals into their most suitable habitat which was lots of fun.

Super spellings

This morning in our Woodland Learning session we recapped some tricky spellings and different spelling rules using the orienteering posts. We had to match the numbers we were given to its corresponding letter to find a total of 20 spelling words.  It was lots of fun and the competition to finish first and earn lots of house points was fierce!

Cooking Week Begins 👩‍🍳👨‍🍳

Today was all about cooking and food packaging in Maple Class.  We started off by discussing the problems and positives of Paddy the Pirates wicker lunchbox and we began to think about suggestions to improve the packaging.  In the afternoon we met Catherine from ABC Cookery who showed us how to make  Pizzas and couscous sand castles and tomorrow we are hopefully going to make some fruit kebabs.

What fantastic cooks we all are!

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Fractions Friday

Thank you for coming to watch our class assembly. I think you’ll agree that we were brilliant. Mrs Johanson has given us all success stamps for being confident and enthusiastic performers.

Afterwards we learnt about equivalent fractions and we know that one half is equivalent to two quarters.

Also this week we elected new class reps for school council and Mrs Brewis awarded two of us with pen licences.

Start to Term 5

This week we’ve been learning about fractions in maths and we know that equal parts are really important for fractions.  Today Mrs Wilson took us outside in the sunshine to find thirds.

This afternoon we played team games in PE and we’ve been practising for our class assembly which is at 9:15 tomorrow.


What we did today.

This morning we learnt about the consonant suffixes: ly, ful and ment.  These are easier suffixes to add because if the root doesn’t end in a consonant then a y, then the root word doesn’t change.  Can you spot any spelling words in our sentences?

In maths we used the iPads to draw 2-D shapes shapes on the geoboard app.  We made lots of interesting shapes and recognised that triangles, hexagons and pentagons can be drawn in different ways.

Drama Workshops

This week we’ve been lucky enough to have two drama workshops from the Watermill Theatre and Warminster School.  We have learnt about freeze frames, movement, using our bodies and facial expressions to convey character’s thoughts and feeling and voice projection.