Anti bullying Week

This week is Anti-bullying week and we started off with an assembly on Monday to make sure we know what bullying is.  If someone is being hurt (physically or emotionally) over and over again then this is bullying.  We discussed who we can talk to and what we can do if we are being bullied or if we notice anyone else being bullied.

This afternoon we watched a short animation called ‘For the Birds’ and we had to spot where bullying was taking place. After we worked in groups to act out the movie and perform it to the rest of the class.

Awesome Algorithms

In computing this afternoon we learnt about something called an algorithm.  This is an important word in computing and it means instructions.  We followed Mrs Johanson’s algorithm to draw a crazy character and all of our drawings were different which meant that Mrs Johanson’s algorithm wasn’t clear.  We helped her to improve it before we made algorithms for our own crazy characters.

In phonics we recapped the different sounds that the letter i makes and then wrote sentences with these words in them.

Don’t forget that it’s KS1 school meeting at 2:45pm tomorrow.

What an exquisite morning in Maple Class

Our word of the week is ‘exquisite’ and this means beautiful, stunning or gorgeous.  We each wrote a sentence with this word and here are some examples.  Written by Jack and Theodore.

In maths we were comparing number sentences for subtraction.  This was quite tricky but we used resources to help us see the numbers.

Fabulous Forests

Yesterday we had an arts and crafts afternoon making parrots, butterflies and ladybirds for our Fabulous Forests display. We have two beautiful tigers and lots of leaves and grass to make the display look more effective. Thank you to all the adults for helping us – we had a great time.

Magnificent maths

This morning we enjoyed exploring different numbers and how we can make them. We used lots of different resources to prove our number sentences.

We started our topic this afternoon and made predictions about how seeds will grow in different environments. Stay tuned to find out if our predictions are accurate.

Descriptive sentences

This morning we learnt about expanded noun phrases. These add more description to a noun and make our sentences more interesting.

In the afternoon we enjoyed playing different games in PE and we worked very hard on practicing the cursive a in our handwriting books.

We have a xmas play rehearsal tomorrow  so song words and scripts are needed in school please.

Friday Phonics

On Friday we had our phonics lesson outside.  We recapped some sounds and if Mrs Johanson called out our sound then we had to run around the circle and try and beat the person we were running against.  It was lots of fun!