Friday Phonics

On Friday we had our phonics lesson outside.  We recapped some sounds and if Mrs Johanson called out our sound then we had to run around the circle and try and beat the person we were running against.  It was lots of fun!

Special Delivery from the Wicked Witch

This morning Mrs Brewis brought a hand delivered letter from the Wicked Witch and a mysterious parcel into Maple Class.  We were given strict instructions not to open it until we arrived at the Woodland area.  The letter said we need to make a Witches Brew using some very disgusting ingredients.

The Wicked Witch has promised to change the Jolly Postman back to his jolly self.  Thank you to the adults who came for the Woodland walk today.

Hola from Espana

This morning we learnt about Holi Festival which is a Hindu Festival.  Each class had the opportunity to throw powder paint onto a canvas to create a lasting memory of our Festivals and Celebrations theme for Global Week.

After break we enjoyed listening to Robert’s mum tell us all about the Castella Festival in Spain.  We know that team work, courage, trust and perseverance are just some of the values that you must demonstrate to take part in making the human tower.  We drew pictures of ourselves as Superheros and we’re looking forward to receiving our Castella mobile to display in class.

In the afternoon we sampled some Spanish foods; prawn and chorizo paella and a Spanish omelette.  Tomorrow we’re going to try some olives and Manchego cheese.

Global Week 🌍

This week we are going to be learning all about festivals and celebrations in Spain for Global week and we’ll be sharing lots of work later in the week.  In the meantime our letters to the Wicked Witch are almost finished and we’ll be Seesawing them very soon.

In maths this morning we were comparing numbers using < > and = symbols. We’re getting more confident with these and some of us completed a tricky reasoning question.

Yesterday we went to the woods and drew maps of the Woodland area. We’ll be adding to these over the next few weeks.

Awesome Athletics 🏅

On Monday some of us went to Avon Valley College with some Year 6s to take part in the indoor athletics. We enjoyed the different stations and the relay at the end was especially nail biting! Thank you to the parents who drove us there and back.

Fantastic Flash Mob

What a brilliant day we’ve had in Maple Class today.  This morning we took part in a Where the Wild Things Are flash mob dance to open the Marlborough Literature Festival.  We really enjoyed this and thank you to all the parents who stayed to watch our second performance.  I’m sure you’ll agree that all the children were simply brilliant.

In the afternoon we enjoyed some well deserved down time!

Special Delivery

This week we’ve been learning a text map before we begin planning and writing our letters next week.  The Wicked Witch has turned the Jolly Postman into a toad and he has asked us to convince her to change him back.  Here we are learning our text map with actions and reading some letters delivered by the Jolly Postman.

In maths we’ve been busy mastering place value and we’re using finding out all the different ways that we can represent numbers and partition them.

In topic we learnt about the different types of house there are.  We enjoyed sharing pictures of our houses and we’ll be showing some of our topic work in School Meeting tomorrow.

We’re still working our way through all the postcards we received over the summer holidays and Mrs Johanson has been taking us to lots of places via Google Earth.

Wonderful Writing

This morning in phonics we recapped the ‘oy’ sound.  Here are some of our sentences with words that have ‘oy’ in them.

In English our Word of the Week is ferocious and we all wrote brilliant sentences so it was hard for Mrs Johanson to choose three for the blog.  Can you spot our exclamation sentences?

Marvellous Maths

Yesterday in maths we used the bead strings and other resources to help us count and represent different 2-digit numbers.

In the afternoon we had our Woodland learning on the school field.  We collected a variety of different coloured leaves so we can make our own Maple leaf collages out of the leaves we found.  We look forward to showing you them when they’re finished.