Dodgeball and presents 🎁

This morning all of KS1 took part in a house dodgeball competition. This was lots of fun and we’re looking forward to seeing who the winners are next week after KS2 have played their games.

In the afternoon we opened our special deliveries from yesterday. We all inferred that our class book was about Santa and we’re excited to begin reading How Santa Really Works this term.

Smarties and a Special Delivery

In maths we recapped finding half of shapes and then we started to find half of numbers.  Some of us used Smarties to help us and it was lots of fun.

In phonics we learnt about the er suffix. We were challenged to add the suffix to different words so we really had to think about what we do to the root word first.

In English we looked at the Year 2 Common Exception Words and which ones relate to our topic. Here are some of our sentences.

In reading we had a very special delivery from the North Pole!  We had to infer what our new class book is about and then we designed what we think the front cover looks like. Tomorrow we will open them to find out.

First Aid and Past Tense

This morning we enjoyed a First Aid workshop organised by the PTA.  We learnt how to phone for the emergency services on a mobile phone and how to put someone in the recovery position.  We know that our address and, in particular, our post code is essential information that we need to give when we ring.

We then learnt how to put someone in the recovery position.

In spellings we learnt about the ed suffix. Sometimes it sounds like t but we need to remember to spell it ed.  We use this suffix for past tense.

Museum of London

Today we visited the Museum of London and had a great time exploring the Museum galleries and looking at the artefacts.  After lunch we had a guided tour of where the Great Fire took place. Ask us about how many houses, churches and halls burnt down in the fire.

Scooters and Swimming 🏊‍♂️ 🏊‍♀️

This morning we had a scooter workshop. We had a great time putting on all the safety equipment and we learnt how to brake. Adam, the scooter teacher also taught some one legged moves that included the miniman, the ninja and the ballerina.

We had our first swimming lesson this afternoon which went really well and we’re looking forward to doing this every week.

Fire, Fire!

Welcome to Maple Class.  We’ve had great but very busy first day.  We started the morning with an assembly from Mrs Brewis and made a whole school recipe for making this school year a great one.  After this, we came back to class and did a reading lesson where we had to answer questions about a picture.  In maths were we reading and writing numbers before having our first topic lesson.

This was lots of fun and we were surprised when Miss Bolwell set off the old fashioned fire alarm!  We weren’t sure what was happening but we made sure we evacuated Maple Class.  After this we designed our front covers for our Great Fire of London topic.

Wonderful Workshop

This morning we had our class workshop which we really enjoyed. Thank you to everyone who came, we hope you had as much fun as we did.

After break we continued making our habitat dioramas. These were lots of fun to make and our habitats include rainforest, oceans, desert and the Arctic.

We finished the day practicing for Sports Day which is next Wednesday.

Guess Who?

This morning we recapped what mindfulness means and how important it is, especially in our very busy lives.  We enjoyed another session of breathing activities outside in the sunshine to help us relax.

We also took a class photo of us with our self-portraits.  Can you guess where we are?

Our Self Portraits 🎨

Today we finished our self portraits that were inspired by the Brazilian artist Romero Britto. We worked hard to choose bright and bold colours and colour inside the lines.  Don’t forget that Art Week school meeting is tomorrow and starts at 2.15pm.

Weibop 🦁🐶🐬🌈

Today we started to decorate our class creature which is called a “Weibop”. It has the following features:

Owl’s eyes because we are wise

A puppy tail because we are excitable

A dorsal fin because we are intelligent

A lion’s mane (yet to be added) because we are brave

Antennae because we are observant

Peacock feathers because we are pretty and beautiful

We also started our self portraits and learnt about an artist called Romero Britto. He uses bold, bright colours and patterns to make his artwork unique. We’re looking forward to finishing these tomorrow and showing them on Friday.