Christmas is coming 🎅🏻 🎄 🎁

This week we started our new book for whole class reading.  It was especially exciting because Mrs Johanson asked us to infer what the book might be about.  We were given one clue: a piece of Christmas wrapping paper.  We drew pictures of what we thought the front cover might look like.  On Tuesday the book was finally revealed and we’ve been asking Father Christmas questions, finding out where he lives and doing lots of research about elves.

In maths we have been working very hard on recognising and finding addition and subtraction fact families as well as describing the properties of 3D shapes.

Well done to our Reader of the Week and two more Always children who enjoyed hot chocolate, cake and colouring with Mrs Brewis and Miss Bolwell on Friday.

It’s been another jam-packed and fun-filled week in Maple Class.  We started Monday by making beautiful stained glass poppies ready for Wednesday’s Remembrance Service. Thank you to Year 6 for leading our virtual service.

In maths we began learning about 3D shapes and used Polydron to make cubes, cuboids, prisms and pyramids.  We spent the rest of the week ordering numbers and using our understanding of place value to solve 100 square puzzles.

We’ve also been working very hard in English writing some amazing exclamation sentences and learning about alliteration.  We’re using a book called Stardust and will be writing our own narrative related to this book over the next few weeks.  We’re continuing with phonics and have been recapping the very tricky split digraph u-e and ew graphemes.

Another week means another Reader of the Week.

Mrs Johanson choose two children to join Mrs Brewis’s “Always Club” for those who are always following the golden rules.

Global Week 🌍🗺

Last week was another busy week in school.  The focus of Global Week was Magnificent Maps and we spent the week looking at different maps of the United Kingdom.  We learnt about the flags for England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales and the flag for the whole of the United Kingdom.  We really enjoyed using the map in the hall to locate the capital cities and plot famous landmarks.

In phonics we’re working hard on recognising tricky digraphs in words and spotting nonsense and real words.  In English we learnt about exclamation sentences and understand that these sentences need to start with What or How, have a verb in them and end with an exclamation mark.

Maths this week has focused on using the <, > and = symbols to compare number and calculations.  We’re very confident at this now.  We have also been learning about the Bar Model and this helps us to solve much trickier and wordier maths problems.  The whole school are taking part in Barvember and we’re looking forward to doing more of these problems over the month.

As well as all of this, we still had time for our winner of the School Council’s pumpkin carving competition to carve their design and also pick another reader of the week.  What a busy and full week of learning we’ve had!

Rainy days ☔️

Last week we made the most of the wet weather and wrote some poems about the rain.  As well as this we used paint and straws to create our own rain drops for our poems to be displayed on.
In phonics we learnt about the spelling rules for changing singular nouns into plural nouns.

We learnt about cm and m in maths and used our rulers and metre sticks to estimate and measure the length of different objects.

We are continuing to observe and record the weather every morning and afternoon and we’re beginning to notice how the weather can change lots of times within a single day.

Congratulations to another reader of the week.

Weather Poetry

This week in English we have started a unit on poetry and we are linking this to our topic on weather.  We worked together to perform some weather poems and today we took a closer look at the rain and studied the April Rain Song by Langston Hughes.

We went outside and carefully looked at the rain thinking about what it feels like and sounds like and all the different places it goes.

In topic we have recapped the seasons and have observed and recorded the weather.

We’re looking forward to next week especially because Monday reveals our new Reader of the Week.  Congratulations to Ella who was this week’s reader 👍.

Week 4 update

Last week was another busy one.  In phonics we recapped the split digraphs and spent lots of time reading words that contain these.

Our topic this term is the Weather and we recorded the type of weather for each morning and afternoon.  We will continue to do this and observe the weather changes over time and how the weather links with the different seasons.

R.E. Day and so much more

It’s been another busy week in Maple Class with lots of exciting learning taking place.  In maths we have been learning about place value and partitioning 2-digit numbers which we are very confident with now.

Phonics has been happening daily and this week we’ve been recapping Phase 4 where we segment and blend longer words.  Mrs Johanson caught us out with some really tricky words but then we got much better at blending.

In English and reading we have been concentrating on animals, in particular endangered animals and we will be writing about these next week.

Thursday was R.E. Day where each class learnt about an inspirational person and how their faith helped them.  We started off by reading the book Nelson Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom on Wednesday and produced some fact files about his life. Please do look at the website for our videos.

Welcome back

We have had a very busy three days back in school.  Lots of learning has taken place and we are enjoying being back with our friends again.  One of our favourite activities has been getting the school bug house ready for some new residents.

Come back next week for more updates from Maple Class.

Illustrations and more

Today we began to make our part of the whole school story come alive with illustrations. We worked with two Year 9 art pupils from Lavington to create some amazing illustrations. As well as this we starting writing narrative to go with the illustrations for our class book The Umbrella and we enjoyed the book swap.  Another great day for #bookweek2020.

Inside the Umbrella ☂

Before we opened our wordless book we were given special envelopes to open.  Inside were copies of the illustrations and we worked with our reading partners to sequence the story.  We had to look really closely at the illustrations to help us.

This afternoon we wrote questions to the illustrators of the book which Mrs Johanson is going to send onto the publisher.  Then we had a great time with Lime class where we shared our favourite book with them.