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Maths with money

Today we continued working with money in maths. We were each given 20p that we could spend on items in a stationary shop. We could buy two items and had to work out how much this cost. After this we worked out how much change we would get from our 20p. These children worked particularly hard…

image image image image

Here is our star of the day for working independently in English and maths  😀image

By Maple Class

Fantastic Fairy Tales…

This afternoon in English we started our new fiction unit, Fairy Tales. We read The Jolly Postman and tried to spot all the characters from other well known fairy tales. After this, we had a go at answering these questions:

What is the title of the book?

Who is the main character in the book?

How did the story start?

Which fairy tale characters were in the book?

Explain what the postman does.

We all worked extremely hard and tried to answer the questions in full sentences.

By Maple Class

The Great Fire of London

This morning we finished our historical recounts! We were trying very hard to use time connectives and join our handwriting! Here are Oliver, Teddie and Eliza’s endings:

image image image

In topic we wrote sentences about Samuel Pepys and our own special things that we would have buried. We had to try and use the word ‘because’ in our writing.

Here are Dougal, Minnie and Jonty’s sentences….

image image image

By Maple Class

Our first woodland adventure!

This afternoon we walked to our local woodland learning area. Once we got there Miss Duffy set us a challenge in small groups. We had to create a model house from 1666 using only  sticks, leaves and moss from the ground and a ball of string. We got started on our creations and have hidden them in a safe place to carry on with next week!

By Maple Class

image image image image imageimage image

Harvest Festival artwork.

This afternoon we were thinking about why water is good for us. Then we made water droplets for our rain cloud. We used little water droplets and wrote what we thought we were thankful for. Here are some of them..

.image image image

After that some of us used live mathletics! Oliver thought it was very fun! Minnie enjoyed it and liked going against people.


By Maple Class