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Beebot Maths!

This morning we did some maths and we gave directions. There were 3 activities. The first was giving directions to a partners finger so they could reach the finish. The second activity was giving Beebot directions to numbers 12, 6, 9 and 3. We used those numbers as they are numbers on a clock. In the third activity we learnt the words clockwise and anti clockwise. We all enjoyed giving directions!

image image image image image

By Maple Class

Fire fighter visitor!

Yesterday afternoon a visitor came in and talked to us about fire safety. Next we played a game which had one end of the playground as the River Thames and the other end was the bakery on Pudding Lane. If you were the flames you were touched by the next person or if you were the firefighters you had to pass the water to throw on the flames.

After that we came back inside and we looked at lots of pictures. These pictures were of modern fire engines and what we use nowadays not when it was The Great Fire of London. We also looked at the fire people rescuing animals.

Eventually she left and let us keep Blaze Bear the firefighter. After the half term people in our class will get to take Blaze Bear home because he can look to see if we are being safe with fire at home.

By Maple Class

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Year 2 and 6 Indoor Athletics Competition

This afternoon, 6 of us were selected to take part in the Indoor Athletics Competition at Avon Valley College. The team was Minnie, Sabela, Elsa, Jonty, Oliver and Thomas! We were all very excited when we arrived! There were 7 different activities to do:

Standing Long Jump

Vertical Jump

Speed Bounce

Balance Test

Javelin Throw

Chest Pass

and finally a team relay!

Some of us did so well we won the event and got medals. Jonty won the chest pass, Minnie won the speed bounce and Thomas won the standing long jump and vertical jump! As well as this, we got through to the relay final and won this too!

All of us had a lot of fun and some of us were very energetic and competitive! Everybody did extremely well at this first sporting event for Year 2. We hope we can go to more sports competitions this year!

By the Y2 Athletics Team

image image image image image image image image image

Super sentences, spelling and measuring!

This morning we worked on using 5 key words in our sentences – eat, new, things, wanted and after. In our sentences we also had to use the correct punctuation and past words of the week! Here are some super sentences….can you spot the key words?

image image

Next we had our weekly spelling lesson. This week Miss Duffy’s group were using the suffix ‘ing’. We had to change words ending in y and add the suffix ‘ing’. We all worked very hard on this!

image image

In our maths lesson we were learning to measure things in cm with a ruler. We sorted objects into 3 groups – shorter than 10cm, 10cm-30cm and longer than 30cm. We enjoyed using the rulers to measure things!

image image

By Maple Class

Last day of Global Week – PE day!

On Friday we celebrated the end of Global Week with lots of PE related activities. We talked about how New Zealand have done so far in the Rugby World Cup and then designed our own rugby kits.

As well as this we watched a video of the All Blacks performing the Haka at the start of a rugby game. We watched their moves carefully because afterwards we got back into our three tribes and created our own Haka tribal dances. We wore our masks and tried to look as scary as possible to warn off other tribes!

In the afternoon, we took part in the first inter-house sports competition of the year – Dodgeball! We played several games in our houses with children from Year 1 class. It was a new sport for all of us, but we all thoroughly enjoyed it and got very competitive! We hope to play dodgeball again soon! Here we are in action…

P1080914 P1080916 P1080918 P1080922

We fiished the day with a fantastic Global Week assembly. We showed off our masks and one tribe performed their haka dance. A super week!

By Miss Duffy

World Science Day!

Throughout the day today we completed lots of interesting and exciting activities linked to science. We found out about a famous scientist from New Zealand called Ernest Rutherford. He won a Noble prize for his chemistry and physics work. We also worked out that he attended university in 1895, which is a long time after The Great Fire of London in 1666 and is about 120 years ago!

After this we found out about Maori people. These are native New Zealanders who first discovered the islands. We found out that they have lots of different tribes and you can tell them apart by their different masks and tribal markings. We split ourselves into 3 tribes and made our own masks. We could only use red, brown, black, grey and white colours as their markings don’t tend to be bright!

Here we are hard at work…

image image image

As well as this we learnt that Maori people wear special carved necklaces. We had a go at making our own out of play doh!

image image image

Next we learnt about animals that can be found in New Zealand. Our favourite animal is the Kiwi 😃 We started our own ebooks on the iPad using the Book Creator app. We will finish these tomorrow and share them with Oak Class!

image image image

Finally this afternoon we headed to the local woods. We split into our three tribes, wore our masks and worked hard as a tribe to create a den, chant and tribal name! We hope to share some videos of these in School Metting tomorrow!

image image image image image

An exhausting but hugely fun filled day!

By Maple Class

World Maths Day!

Today was World Maths Day and we were all very excited! We had our first attempt at the KS1 Number Awards and all did very well. Oliver did particularly well and so was awarded star of the day!

After this we had great fun competing against other children around the world on the mathletics website. We all helped each other and worked in small groups.

Our favourite part of the day was looking at coins from New Zealand. We looked at the animals on them and had a go adding several coins together! We can’t wait for more Global activities tomorrow!

image image image image

By Miss Duffy

Natural fiery art inspired by Andy Goldsworthy…

On Friday, as part of our topic focused day, the children used the items they had collected in the woods to create some group pieces of art. We looked at the work of artist Andy Goldsworthy and created our own pieces of fiery art from the natural objects. All groups demonstrated great team work and they all shared fantastic ideas with their group members!

Here are some of the children’s pieces of art – can you guess the link to 1666?

P1080907 P1080908 P1080909 P1080910 P1080911

By Miss Duffy