Monthly Archives: November 2015

Our visit to the life education van!

This afternoon we were all very excited when Miss Duffy said we were visiting the life education, which was in the staff car park. As we got closer some of us were anxious, whilst others intrigued!

Once inside we learnt lots of facts about bones, muscles and organs in our bodies! Please ask us to explain some anatomical names!

As well as this we met Harold the giraffe and his friends who taught us about how to take medicines safely. Plus we identified different emotions and gave advice to one of Harold’s friends who was left out.


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We enjoyed being part of Harold’s party at the end when we got to dance!


Spelling rules!

In Miss Duffy’s spelling group we looked at words that end in ‘le’. We thought of as many words as possible and made them out of magnetic letters. We noticed that most of these words have a double consonant in the middle! Some of us chose to work in pairs during this activity!

Next spelling lessons are Monday 14th December, so all groups should be completing at least 2 spelling activities at home before then!

Bright, Christmas Day!🎄

Today we all dressed brightly, even the teachers because it is Road Safety Week! Dougal, Amelie and Teddie were all in the top three because Miss Duffy and Mrs Partis couldn’t decide who should win so we used pick sticks to decide. Amelie won the prize.


In the Christmas Fayre it was the Christmas Tree Competition and lots of us put in make and bake entries. We hope some of win prizes!


We made reindeer head lolly pops, jewelled discs (for the adults) and Christmas tree lolly pops (for the children). We really want to sell them all and hope to make lots of money.

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Speed spelling and investigating waterproof materials.

This morning we learnt to spell the next 5 key words and all tried our hardest with speed spelling these! We earnt lots of house points!

In our topic lesson we investigated which materials are waterproof. We made boats from paper, card, tin foil and cellophane and tested them in water. The paper boat sank, the card paper is still floating at the moment and we will check it in the morning, the tin foil boat floated and so did the cellophane boat.

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Phonics, performing poetry and sorting shapes.

First thing this morning we explored all of the ways that you can spell the ‘u’ sound. We then had to write sentences with as many ‘u’ words as possible.

In English we worked in small groups to perform some Christmas shape poems. We had to use expression, actions and loud, clear voices. We all enjoyed this and will hopefully send videos home via seesaw tomorrow!

In maths we carried on our work with 2D shapes. We started to use Carroll diagrams to sort the shapes by their properties.

Chocolate, calligrams and shapes!

This morning we started making chocolate lolly pops ready to sell at the Christmas  Fayre on Friday. We hope to make other chocolates later this week!


In English this afternoon we created Christmas calligrams. These are words drawn in the shape of what the words says! We enjoyed drawing these and some of us sent home pictures via Seesaw!

At the end of the day in maths we sorted pentagons, hexagons and octagons. We even found out the name of a 7 sided shape. Please ask us to explain the shapes and their properties if you see us! We worked very well in groups to do this activity.

Spellings and Seesaw!

One of the spelling groups this week looked at words that begin with the /r/ sound which are actually spelt /wr/. The /w/ is a silent letter. We used playdoh to write as many words beginning with /wr/ as we could!

Some of us used the Seesaw app to send voice recordings and pictures to our parents. If any parents are unsure about how to use this, please ask 😀


Adding and subtracting 10, 11, 20 and 21.

In maths this morning we completed lots of addition and subtraction questions. Some of us solved the sums mentally because we noticed how the tens and ones changed or stayed the same.

However some of us preferred to use a hundred square to help us find the answer.

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One group worked with Miss Duffy and used tens and ones equipment to add and take away.

We were all working hard on the presentation of our work and some of us got to use Seesaw to send our parents pieces of our work!