Monthly Archives: February 2016

The start of Book Week

This afternoon we started book week activities by choosing a new class book. We all voted for the book we wanted and made a tally chart to see which one had the most votes on it. Our new class book is The mystery of the hidden house by Enid Blyton.


Next we wrote down a book review for our favourite book. Some of us got to read out what we had written down using the green screen app. The rest of us will do this later on in the week.

Then we got out our favourite books and Lime N Class came to read them with us. We enjoyed reading to older children and it helped us use expression.

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ERIS and exploring habitats!

We started Friday afternoon with ERIS-Everyone Reading In School. We do this every Friday afternoon for 10 minutes and look forward to the two year 6 children who come and hear us read!

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After this we carried on with our new topic. In today’s lesson we explored habitats in the school grounds! We found compost heaps, hedgerows, ponds, grassy areas and flower beds! Whilst we were outside we collected 5 different natural objects from the different habitats. Once back in the classroom, we learnt how to measure items in cm’s using a ruler.

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Science – living things and their habitats.

This afternoon we were learning about living things, dead things and things that were never alive. We sorted out little pictures and put them in the right hoop. The little riddle to remember if they’re alive or not is MRS GREN….

M – movement

R – respiration (breathing)

S – sensitivity

G – growth

R – reproduction

E – excretion

N – nutrition

We are all looking forward to the topic and hope we learn a lot!

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Maths – telling the time!

In maths we were learning how to tell the time to half past, quarter past and quarter to. Quarter to points to the 9 and quarter past points to the 3 and half past points to the 6! There are 15 minutes in 1/4 of an hour, there are 30 minutes in half an hour and 45 minutes in 3/4 of an hour. We worked hard in maths today!

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Telling the time kahootastic

This afternoon in maths we were learning how to tell the time so we went on kahoot. This is a fact that we learnt….there are 365 days in a year. We also learnt there are 45 minutes in 3/4 of an hour! We are going to be telling the time lots this week and would like to do more of this at home as well! ( Any help at home from parents is very much appreciated!)

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Orienteering fun!

Today we went Avon Valley College to go and do some orienteering. Orienteering includes getting symbols and finding letters and numbers. There were 4 games to play – crack the code, sums, symbols and opposites! We worked in partners so it was a bit easier for us! Some people in our class did extremely well and won some medals! We all enjoyed it very much.

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Maple Class Cafe

We have had a very busy day preparing for the opening of Maple Class cafe. This morning we decided on a menu and how much items would cost. In pairs we typed up the menu, then printed it out and drew pictures on it. As we as this we made all of the sweet treats. We were all given different jobs to do and went through this using role play!

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This afternoon the cafe opened! We all worked really hard as a team and it was a huge success. Miss Duffy and Mrs Partis were very proud of all of us and we raised £41 for Sports Relief!

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Spaghettitastic and fabulous fractions!

In maths we learnt how to find fractions of amounts. We could either draw circles to help us or work it out mentally. All of us are confident doing this now!

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In English we watched Michael Rosen perform chocolate cake! We all found it very funny! After this we then performed a poem called spaghetti spaghetti! We had to include expression, actions, gestures and a clear voice!