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Food chain PowerPoints.

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This afternoon we finished off our PowerPoints about food chains. We had to include pictures which we found using google searches, plus we had to include key words that we had learnt during our science topic this term. We all presented our slideshows to the class confidently and would love the opportunity to do this again!





A very arty afternoon!

After spending the morning at church for our Easter Eucharist service, we spent the afternoon doing lots of arty activities linked to RE and topic!

There were three art stations that we rotated around during the afternoon. Finishing our habitats by adding our animals, creating clay mini beasts and making Easter cards! We all worked very hard to get all 3 pieces of work finished and we had lots of fun as well!

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Micro-habitats and food chains!

This morning we learnt about micro-habitats. A micro-habitat is a small habitat for mini beasts. The micro-habitats that we went to were the leaf pit and a grassy flower area. We used magnifying glasses and we had to identify the different mini beasts that lived in that micro-habitat. We recorded it on sheets and made tally charts. After that we turned our tally charts of our mini beasts into a pictograms. One of the pictures represented two mini beasts. We discovered that some mini beasts like to live in the same habitat but some don’t!

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We also made power points of our food chains that we had researched yesterday. On each slide we put what the animal was and included pictures from the Internet. On Thursday we are going to present our food chains to the rest of the class on the smart board. We enjoyed making power points!

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Food chains

As part of our topic work we have been finding out about food chains in different habitats. We know that different animals eat different things. Animals that eat just meat are called carnivores, animals who eat just plants are called herbivores and those that eat both are called omnivores.

We worked in pairs and researched food chains on the iPads. We are going to continue with this tomorrow and create power points that we will present to the class later in the week!

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Sport Relief Wheel Challenge!

This afternoon we brought in scooters or bikes for the wheel challenge. The wheel challenge is an obstacle course for bikes, scooters, runners or walkers. It included going around cones, rope walkways, arches, ¬†collecting ducks and going over or around the ramp! It was really good fun and we’d all love to do it again! We hope we have raised lots of money for Sport Relief!

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Thinking about Easter and fast and furious PE

This afternoon we have been reading the Easter story and afterwards we went on an Easter egg hunt. Jonty explained that “we learnt about the egg and how it symbolises a new life for Christians.”

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After RE we did PE where we learnt about working well as a team. Dougal exclaimed “the trickiest part was hopscotch on the ladders because it was fiddly to put our feet in the boxes!”



Drawing animals and insects

In our fantastic art lesson, we were drawing animals and colouring them beautifully. We did some finishing off of collages first before we drew our animals. Sabela explained ” My group were doing a tropical island so I drew a cheeky crab and a graceful toucan!” Harry exclaimed ” My habitat was a swiftly flowing river and I drew a crocodile who had razor sharp teeth!”

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Our Class Assembly

This morning we did our class assembly. Before it started we all felt a bit nervous but we felt excited too! When we started doing it we felt much more confident. We think the assembly went very well and Miss Duffy was very proud of us! We all earned a success stamp!

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Lots of hard work!

This morning we went on the iPads and played a game called times tables and recalled our 2x, 5x and 10x tables. Plus our 3x tables if we’d finished. We also had a go at division but we found it tricky so we need to practise this some more!

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In PE we were playing games where we practised throwing, catching and team work. Our favourite game was king ball because it helps us practise our catching.

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