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Captain Duffy’s Pirate Maths

Our maths lesson this morning was based around pirates and treasure islands. We had 3 different activities which we all rotated around. They were teaching us about using positions, directions and movements. The first one involved leading a pirate friend around obstacles on an island so they could reach the treasure. The second one had a big map which we had to move around to find the X and the final activity we had to lead the group around a smaller treasure map. In all three activities we had to use instructions such as: forward, left, right, clockwise, anti clockwise, 1/4 turn, 1/2 turn and whole turn. We all enjoyed this pirate maths and loved the ‘Captain Duffy says’ game the best!

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Terrific Thursday

To start of our wonderful day we finished off our lovely writing about Treasure Island! We came up with setting descriptions to describe our island and drew pictures to go with them.

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Next we made pirate hats, after watching an instructional video which told us how to make them. We learnt how important it is to follow instructions. “I thought that it was really fun because we got to create a skull and crossbones!”Exclaimed Oliver.


In PE we practised our skills for batting and bowling. We gave each other tips and learnt new things. We then played a game to practise the skills.

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A marvellous Monday

This morning, we played a game to do with words that ended in -al such as animal, pedal and hospital. We had 2 teams who had to race to write down the al word. The team that had written it quickest and correctly won the point!

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In spellings we were revising spelling patters such as ‘sure’, tion endings and homophones. We played a game called hangman to look at these words again!

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Finally we did some computing and we made a PowerPoint. The PowerPoint was about human and physical features in Woodborough and Dominica. We used google maps to find aerial photographs for our PowerPoints.

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Pirate island descriptions

In English we watched a video of a pirate island, we thought that it looked abandoned! The video had no words so We then wrote similies and descriptions about what we had seen. After that we wrote our own setting descriptions for a treasure island. We learnt to think carefully about our writing so that we could intrigue our readers.

Here are some of our sentences:

Beautiful butterflies fluttering in little cracks of sunbeams.

Mysterious, broken ships scattered everywhere!

A ship is as gloomy as a dark forest.

Shells glittering and sparkling on the hot sand!

Marvellous Maths and perfect PE

Today in our maths lesson we were learning about 3D shapes. We played a game to help us remember the names and features of the different shapes. We had to write a name of a 3D shape, we all then had to stick them on our forehead and then had to ask questions to guess our shape. We asked questions like: how many verticies? How many faces? And how many edges? We all thought the game was really fun!


In PE we were practising our bowling, batting, throwing and fielding. We played two games. The first was throwing into a target and the second was a mini game of rounders where we had a batter, bowler and fielder. It was very exciting and we learnt to aim so that the batter could hit the ball further.

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Sorting 2D shapes

In our maths lesson today we continued our work on 2D shapes. We were given a selection of shapes to sort in a Carroll diagram. First of all we had to decide on the headings. After we had sorted our shapes, our talk partner asked us lots of questions such as ‘How do you know this shape belongs here….’

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Later on, Miss Duffy gave us a challenge. We had to rearrange 4 triangles that had originally made up a square. We found that we could make lots of other 2 shapes however some were irregular!



Intriguing authors and fantastic shapes

Today we wrote a letter to Jonny Duddle, who is the author of the many books we are reading in class. One of his books is called The Pirate Cruncher, we are reading the book because our geography topic is about pirates. We love his stories and wanted to ask him some questions about them!

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In maths we continued to learn about shapes, we can describe and explain irregular and regular shapes. We can also sort shapes and identify lines of symmetry. Everybody really enjoyed learning about shapes!

Super shapes and programming

Today in our maths lesson we were looking at shapes. We were recapping 2D shapes and talked about corners, sides and their lines of symmetry. Some of the shapes were even parallel! Afterwards, we sorted the shapes into groups and we had to think about how we could sort them. The class then had to guess the titles from how the shapes were sorted.



This afternoon we used a computer programme called ‘turtle logo’ and we programmed our turtle to make some of the shapes from this morning. We really enjoyed it!






Wiltshire Air Ambulance and super sentences

This morning some people from Wiltshire Air Ambulance came in to talk about what they do for people. We will write some facts that we learnt:

The helicopter can fly up to 180mph.

In the helicopter the seats slide forward so the passenger can lie down in the back.

The have a paramedic and pilot in the front of the helicopter.

They can fly to lots of places in Wilshire really quickly.

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In phonics we had to do really interesting and fantastic sentences. They had to include adjectives, a range of punctuation and some key words. We worked on these with a partner. Instead of one brain, we had two so it made it easier!

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Super skitch!

In English we were using a new app called skitch! We worked in pairs and groups and we were given pirate books to look at. We were looking for regular or irregular verbs in the book so we could write down some interesting sentences about the verbs. To annotate it we used arrows and pointed them at the verbs. Plus we used text boxes. Eventually we sent them on seesaw to our homes and explained what they were.

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