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Perfect poems

Today in English we were finishing our shape poems and if we finished we were able to write them in a scroll shape. Here are some of the fabulous poems. We are very proud of our vocabulary and descriptive phrases!

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Our Pirate Adventure!

Ahoy me hearties,

Today we set sail on a pirate adventure. First we ventured into an enchanted forest where we played games, hunted for gold and made pirate perfume!

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On our return from the woodland we made pirate cakes, flags, hats and sailed our own boats!

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Our adventure continued this afternoon with some extra crew members! This time we hunted for clues that would lead to the booty…

image image image image image image

…at the end of the day, the treasure was found and shared amongst the scurvy crew!

Shiver me timbers what a day! Beware of those beastly pirates in Maple Class!


A creative day

We had a very busy day! Firstly, we wrote some poems about a treasure chest. We read the poem ‘Magic Box’ by Kit Wright which inspired our work. I wrote “A beautiful, glimmering and enchanted diamond!” said Fred.



In maths we all made witches potions because of our class book about pirate witches. We were learning how to use scales to measure liquid. We measured liquid in ml and we had to make 500ml using 5 different amounts. It was a lot of fun!

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This is afternoon we finished on our islands by painting our geographical features. It was very exciting!

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A sporty afternoon!

This afternoon we played Kingball which is a ball game where you have two teams. Each team has to catch the ball and try and get it to their king on the other side. If the ball reaches the other side and the king catches it you can join your king. Once everybody has joined their king that team wins! Jupiter won but everybody tried really hard and enjoyed it. David exclaimed “it was a lot of fun and my team ¬†even won a game!”

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Pirate art and lots of fun!

This morning we checked our pirate chapter that we had written about The Jolley Rogers and we rolled an editing dice. On the dice it had: check punctuation, expanded noun phrases, spelling and suffixes, next steps and conjunctions. We have special pens that we use for editing but we can’t make mistakes with them. After that, our teachers checked if our chapters were ok and then we could write them up in best.


In art, we covered our islands with mod rock because it has to be firm before painting next week. Eliza suggested” I thought it was a bit tricky but I enjoyed doing it!” Adam described ” I thought it was very fun but it was hard to get into the gaps!”


Raucous Rounders!

All of Maple Class have worked exceptionally hard this week – well done we are very proud of you all!

So this afternoon we let off some steam and played a very raucous game of rounders. This was the first time we had played using the proper rounders rules and all of the children picked them up very quickly. As you can see it got quite competitive!

Miss Duffy

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Pirate treasures!

This week we have had a range of pirate show and tells! We got to meet Captain Twirlybeard on Wednesday, the frightening pirate from our Jolley Rogers books! Plus, we also got to open a treasure chest full of jewellery and pirate books! Thank you for sharing these with the rest of the crew 😃

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Fun in Art!

In Art we were making the rest of our islands. We used newspaper and made geographical features, by rolling up pieces and sticking them to our island base. We learnt to make our features sturdy so that they would not fall down when we put something over the top. The next bits a surprise and we are excited to find out what we are going to be doing on Friday!

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Boats and Scratch Junior

This afternoon we went on Scratch Jr, we created algorithms for a boat and two pirates.The boat had to be able to rock, move and have sound, the pirates had to have a conversation with each other. “The lesson was great, I really enjoy using Scratch Jr!” Exclaimed Emily.

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Fun with Kahoot!

In the afternoon we were learning about time around the world. Miss Aston made clocks that had no hands and the names of cities around the world. We had to work out what the time was on our whiteboards and what countries the cities were in. Next we went on Kahoot on our iPads which is an online quiz, we had to answer questions all about time. It was great fun!

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