Monthly Archives: January 2018

Our bakery

Today was an extremely busy day in Maple Class. In English we looked at using its or it’s. We only use it’s if we are trying to say it is.

In PE we enjoyed playing Dodgeball and practising our bounce passes.

In maths we started using arrays to solve multiplication questions and we had a brilliant time this afternoon tasting our bread. We chose whether to have butter or jam and it was delicious!

Maple Class devoured the bread.

This morning we learnt a new Word of the Week – devoured.  This means to eat quickly or hungrily.  We had a go at using it in a sentence.

Also we have been making bread.  Some of us used a bread maker while others made bread the old fashioned way.  We’re looking forward to trying it and would like to say thank you to our helpers.

Equal Groups and Pudding Lane

This morning in maths we were learning about equal groups. We had to count the number of equal groups we had then the number of objects in each group. Some us drew the equal groups in different ways and tomorrow we’ll be learning about the multiplication symbol.

For our woodland learning session we worked in groups to recreate Pudding Lane. We used the natural materials to build houses made from timber and thatch and we had to build them close together.  We had a great time and thank you for the helpers who came with us.

Fact Finding

This afternoon we read lots of different books related to the Great Fire of London.  We worked in small groups to research facts and record them.  After we shared our facts with each other and played an interactive game (we can play this at home if we follow this link

We also voted for our Class Reps for School Council this term.


The Burning of London

This afternoon we looked at a piece of art called ‘The Burning of London’ by Samuel Rolle.  He was an eyewitness to the Great Fire and this means that he actually saw it happening.  We discussed whether we preferred the black and white or colour version before we explored the different colours we could use on our final piece.  We look forward to showing you these when they’re finished.

If anyone has any books about the Great Fire of London they would like to bring in then we would love to have them in class for our free reading time.  Many thanks.

Happy New Year

We had a great first day back and worked really hard on our new topic The Great Fire of London.  We did a reading comprehension activity in English where we learnt when, where and how the fire started.  This afternoon we completed our front covers for our topic books.

In spellings we looked at some of the Year 2 Common Exception words and played speed spell, remembering to join our handwriting.

In maths we were counting amounts of money.  We discussed the different types of coins there are and looked at different ways to make amounts.  We’re looking forward to moving onto £ tomorrow.