Monthly Archives: February 2018

Woodland Maths

This morning we braved the cold weather and went to the woods for a nature themed maths lesson.  We used and applied our understanding of dividing by 2 and also measured in m and cm.  Did you know that if you measure the girth of a tree trunk and divide it by 2 you find its age?  The oldest tree we found is 184 years old and the youngest tree we found is 24 years old.

Book Week 📚

This morning Mrs Wren introduced the theme for this year’s Book Week. Each class will be looking at a Twisted Tale and we are going to focus on Jack and the Baked Beanstalk.

First we looked at the meaning of ‘dilemma’ and we realised that Jack was facing the dilemma of buying magic baked beans from a stranger or buying coffee beans, like his mum told him to.  We did conscience alley to help us decide what to do.

This afternoon we shared our favourite books with Willow Class which was lots of fun.

Finally, we designed our Magic Baked Beans can ready for the woods tomorrow.

Super Scientists 🔬⚗️

Yesterday afternoon we became scientists and carried out an investigation to see which type of ball is the bounciest. We had to make a prediction first and then we discussed what would make our test fair. After this we carried out the investigation and recorded our results, which showed that a tennis ball is the bounciest ball.

Orienteering ⛳️🥇

Yesterday we went to Avon Valley College for an Orienteering morning. We worked in pairs and played five different games where we had to make words, solve number sentences and match symbols. It was lots of fun and we enjoyed it very much.

The KS1 winners with 58 points.

In the afternoon we started our new topic ‘Everyday Materials’ and looked at the different uses that some materials have.