Monthly Archives: September 2018

Mixing Colours

This afternoon we continued learning about the famous artist LS Lowry. We remembered that he painted landscapes of industrial towns and cities and today we explored the different colours he used in his paintings. Did you know that he only used 5 colours? For our activity we mixed yellow, blue, red, white and black to see which colours we could make.  Here are the results.

Spellings and Balloons

In spellings we looked at words ending with the ‘i’ sound but are spelt with a y.  We came up with lots of examples of other words that apply to this rule before doing a quick fire activity.  We used colours to help us spot the tricky bit.

In the afternoon we had a visit from Hannah and Julia from Cameron Balloons to tell about hot air balloons.  We should be able to tell you how they go up and come back down again.  Afterwards we each had a turn looking inside the basket to see the gas canisters and how little room there is.

🎈 Up, up and away 🎈

In topic this afternoon we learnt about the history of the hot air balloon.  We should be able to tell you who invented the hot air balloon, when it was invented and who was the first to ever fly in a hot air balloon.  We drew a picture of what we thought the first hot air balloon looked like before writing about it.  We’re looking forward to our visit tomorrow from two hot air balloon experts!

Fundamental Skills

In maths we were partitioning 2-digit numbers into 10s and 1s using a part, part whole model. We tried hard to remember to say the value of the tens rather than the number of tens.

In PE we learnt how to move around in different ways (jumping, hopping, side stepping etc) and play two games called Home James and Rabbits.

Word of the Week

Devoured is this week’s WOTW (Word of the Week) and here are our sentences.

This afternoon we had our first computing lesson on our ‘We are Researchers’ unit and Mrs Johanson gave us the responsibility of choosing our own partner to work with. We discussed the different types of inventions we could research and then we had to choose one of them to research over the term.  We’re looking forward to doing more next week.

Swahili Music

Yesterday in music we listened to and learned a Swahili song called Simama kaa.  We found out what the words meant and put actions together.  After this we began thinking about the beat and pitch of the song.  Next week we’ll put some instruments with the song.

A busy Monday

This morning we had our first spelling lesson with our spelling teacher. Mrs Johanson’s class were learning about words that end in ‘dge’.  In maths we were representing 2 digit numbers using different resources and we had to think carefully about how many tens and ones were in each number.

Handwriting had a maths focus to because we were learning how to form the number 4 and the tricky number 5.

In the afternoon we learnt about how cars have changed over time. We had to put the different models of cars onto a timeline dating back to 1940. Next week we’ll be learning about Hot Air Balloons before our special visit.

R.E. Day

Today was all about R.E. and we were learning about The 10 Commandments.  We discussed what the Commandments mean and then we worked in pairs to discuss and choose 5 Commandments that we believe are the most important.  Mrs Johanson was extremely impressed with our reasons for choosing some over others.

We also focused on the Sabbath (the day of rest) and enjoyed painting our canvas which will be shown in the R.E. Assembly tomorrow.  Some of us will be performing some freeze frames to go with our Maple Class Commandments.  We hope to see you there!

🍁 Welcome to Maple Class 🍁

Today we got to know our classroom and we were very excited to see our new cloakroom!

In English we recapped what a sentence is and wrote some fabulous sentences in our grammar and punctuation books.  Our Word of the Week is ‘because’ and we were challenged to use this in a sentence. After break we were reading and writing numbers in maths. We had a fun afternoon working with our reading partners in guided reading and designing our topic front covers. An absolutely marvellous first day back!