Monthly Archives: November 2018

Shiver Me Timbers

Word of the Week is shiver and this means to shake uncontrollably when you’re cold.  Our sentences are fantastic.

In maths we’ve been learning about shapes and today we learnt that corners on shapes are called vertices. We had to describe different 2D shapes and we enjoyed trying to find out how many octagons we could make with 18 lollipop sticks.

Anti-bullying Week

On Monday, Mrs Wright introduced this year’s Anti-bullying theme: Choose Respect.

Today we discussed what respect means and how we can show respect to ourselves and other people.  We read the picture book “It’s okay to be different” by Todd Parr and shared what’s different about each of us.  We drew pictures of ourselves and coloured them in, in the style of the book.

Reading for Pleasure and Coordinating Conjunctions

This morning we enjoyed some ‘reading for pleasure’ time where we can choose any book we like to read.  This term’s choices include: geography non-fiction, pirates and KS1 award winning books.

In English we learnt about the coordinating conjunctions and, but & so.  These words join simple sentences together to make a longer sentence. We were challenged to use them pirate themed sentences and some of us even included some previous Words of the Week.

By Jake
By Harriet
By Theo
By Connor

Beautiful Poppies

Today we were busy learning about Remembrance and why it’s important. Afterwards we made different types of poppies and we started making stain glass poppies for our classroom. Mrs Brewis and Mrs Hobbs loved them so much we had to donate one to their offices!

In guided reading we started reading our new pirate themed text The Jolley-Rogers and the Cave of Doom.  It was great having our own books to read and discuss with our reading partners.

In topic we started to design the view from a ship porthole.  We’re going to make these throughout the rest of the term.

Around the World 🗺

Today in maths we were learning to use a number line to help us add 2-digit and 1-digit numbers. We realised how important our number bonds are because we were crossing 10.

In topic we learnt about the continents and we had lots of fun trying to guess how many there are.  We know there are seven continents and we labelled maps of the world, remembering to use capital letters for each one.