Monthly Archives: December 2018

All things Christmas

On Tuesday we had a Christmas themed maths lesson then enjoyed a whole school Christmas lunch.

Yesterday we enjoyed our Christmas parties and had a great time dancing and playing games as a Key Stage.  After this we went back to class and played some more games including musical bumps, pin the nose on the snowman and spoons.

Today Jupiter house enjoyed a morning of Christmas craft for the house point reward and then after lunch we watched the Robin Hood pantomime. This was lots of fun.

Our Wonderful Art

This afternoon we continued with our ship portholes that we’ve been making the past few weeks.  First we painted the wheel then we stuck on the ‘water’.  Today we cut out ocean animals, seaweed and sunken treasure chests and then stuck them on.  We think they look marvellous.

Life Education Bus

This morning we went into the Life Education Bus and learnt about our feelings. We spoke about what we need to put in our bodies to keep us feeling energetic and how we can keep our minds healthy. We met Tam to find out what happens inside our bodies.

Did you know that the biggest muscle in our bodies is called Gluteous Maximus (our bottom) and we have 27 bones in our hands and 206 bones our entire body?

How Winston Delivered Christmas

This week has been full of Christmas.  We had three successful live performances of Lights, Camel, Action and we’ve been reading the book ‘How Winston Delivered Christmas’.  Each day there is a Christmas themed activity and so far we’ve started writing letters to Father Christmas, made Christmas paper chains and today we made gingerbread biscuits.


We’ve been working hard in spellings learning when to double the consonant or do nothing when adding the ‘ing’ and ‘ed’ suffixes to root words.

Thank you for coming to our Christmas performances – we enjoyed them lots.