Monthly Archives: January 2019

Woodborough Maths Day

Today was all about maths with a specific focus on games and puzzles. We started the day with a Tantrix Discovery puzzle which started off really easy but got challenging very quickly.  It was lots of fun and we eventually found different ways to solve it.

After this we played some games that involved addition and subtraction and place value. This got very competitive and we had to work tactically to block our partner from winning.

This afternoon we used our data from our homework to make block diagrams. We’ll be looking at these in more detail soon.

Nutcracker Music

This week in music we started to compose small pieces of music to match a scene from the Nutcracker.  First we listened to some of the music and pretended to be asleep like Clara, we had to listen carefully for the change in the music and wake up in time with it.  After, we used some percussion instruments to create our own pieces that suited the scene of someone sleeping peacefully and waking up slowly.

In P.E. we braved the cold and went outside to play some team games.  We especially liked the bean and cones games.

A busy Tuesday

Yesterday in maths we learnt about arrays. These can be used to help us represent and calculate multiplication sentences.

In grammar we learnt about adverbs and these words give more information about the verb. They usually (but not always) end in the ly suffix.

This week in spellings we are learning about apostrophe for contraction. We need to remember that the apostrophe replaces the missing letter(s).

Gymnastics and Superhero R.E.

This morning we did gymnastics and enjoyed using different apparatus to move forwards and backwards.

In R.E. we were thinking about Superheros and how they save the world.  We imagined we were a Superhero and had to think about what we would need to save the planet.  This will lead onto to thinking about how Jesus helped the world and what he needed to do that.

Music and ERIC

Yesterday we did our weekly Everyone Reading in Class (ERIC) session.  This is where we read a book of our choosing for 10 minutes.

After this we had a musical themed afternoon where we started our new music unit on ‘Storymaking’.  We discussed how this links with our learning in English and Whole Class Reading.  First we started off by listening to some different instruments then we had to close our eyes and guess which instrument was being played – we were brilliant at this!

We then listened to different pieces of music from the Nutcracker and we drew pictures, shapes or symbols in time to the music.

Homophones and Subtraction

In spellings we learnt about homophones. These are words that have the same sound but a different meaning and spelling. We were challenged to write sentences with the same homophone in and we had to think hard to make sure we used the correct spelling for the meaning.

In maths we continued with column method for subtraction. We are feeling really confident with this and some of us started learning how to exchange. The Base 10 helped us lots with this.

Super Scrap Store

This afternoon we had a workshop with the Scrap Store to launch our Super Structures topic.  We learnt about some different materials like cardboard, wool, leather and plastic and discussed what these materials are used for.  After this we used different materials to build a castle.  We really enjoyed this and we’re now very excited about the topic.