It’s been another jam-packed and fun-filled week in Maple Class.  We started Monday by making beautiful stained glass poppies ready for Wednesday’s Remembrance Service. Thank you to Year 6 for leading our virtual service.

In maths we began learning about 3D shapes and used Polydron to make cubes, cuboids, prisms and pyramids.  We spent the rest of the week ordering numbers and using our understanding of place value to solve 100 square puzzles.

We’ve also been working very hard in English writing some amazing exclamation sentences and learning about alliteration.  We’re using a book called Stardust and will be writing our own narrative related to this book over the next few weeks.  We’re continuing with phonics and have been recapping the very tricky split digraph u-e and ew graphemes.

Another week means another Reader of the Week.

Mrs Johanson choose two children to join Mrs Brewis’s “Always Club” for those who are always following the golden rules.

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