Global Week 🌍🗺

Last week was another busy week in school.  The focus of Global Week was Magnificent Maps and we spent the week looking at different maps of the United Kingdom.  We learnt about the flags for England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales and the flag for the whole of the United Kingdom.  We really enjoyed using the map in the hall to locate the capital cities and plot famous landmarks.

In phonics we’re working hard on recognising tricky digraphs in words and spotting nonsense and real words.  In English we learnt about exclamation sentences and understand that these sentences need to start with What or How, have a verb in them and end with an exclamation mark.

Maths this week has focused on using the <, > and = symbols to compare number and calculations.  We’re very confident at this now.  We have also been learning about the Bar Model and this helps us to solve much trickier and wordier maths problems.  The whole school are taking part in Barvember and we’re looking forward to doing more of these problems over the month.

As well as all of this, we still had time for our winner of the School Council’s pumpkin carving competition to carve their design and also pick another reader of the week.  What a busy and full week of learning we’ve had!

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