R.E. Day and so much more

It’s been another busy week in Maple Class with lots of exciting learning taking place.  In maths we have been learning about place value and partitioning 2-digit numbers which we are very confident with now.

Phonics has been happening daily and this week we’ve been recapping Phase 4 where we segment and blend longer words.  Mrs Johanson caught us out with some really tricky words but then we got much better at blending.

In English and reading we have been concentrating on animals, in particular endangered animals and we will be writing about these next week.

Thursday was R.E. Day where each class learnt about an inspirational person and how their faith helped them.  We started off by reading the book Nelson Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom on Wednesday and produced some fact files about his life. Please do look at the website for our videos.

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